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Alright, I have another question for the girls/Mum on the forum. How do you feel about your children being involved in your shooting hobby? How old was your child when you first started teaching them about guns? And how did you introduce them safely?

The reason why I ask is because we have a 7 year old little boy and my husband wants to take him shooting. I am TOTALLY against this right now, because I think that he is way too young. I am sure that there are people who disagree with me - if you do, please tell me your reasoning and help me to understand your point of view. The reality is, my husband is kind of pushing me on this and doesn't try and understand my point of view and my fears, but I just feel that there is plenty of time for such a mature and potentially dangerous sport.

Please don't get me wrong, I do not want our son to have the same fears about guns that I have, so I do believe that it is important he learn about weapons and how to be safe around them, I just really don't want him handling one at such a young age.

Like I said, in the title of this thread I am obviously "wet behind the ears" about this subject, but I firmly believe that everyone is entitled to their point of view.........please share yours with me!

Many thanks
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