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Originally Posted by shark92651 View Post
Does this also mean that a finger stop or bipod leg could also be considered a FPG? I'm not sure if the terms used in marketing a product are relevant. If Magpul called it a "comfort rest" or something like that, would that help our arguments? This stuff is maddening, the placement and shape of a simple piece of plastic on our guns is the difference between being law-abiding and being a criminal
No, a non-grip cannot be considered a FPG. This is why grip was specifically added to the language of the bill. Early versions essentially stated "any protruding object that could be held forward of the trigger" would be an illegal feature. In the comments period this was pointed out as incredibly broad and such things as bipods, sling mounts, light mounts, etc were mentioned as then falling into the overbroad definition. Thus the bill was rewritten to state "grip" as the specific thing that's banned.

See pages 17-22 in the following document to see comments/responses and see how we got where we are: (link updated 5/14/13)

Full background:
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