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A "pistol grip" is pretty well defined in the CA law, and the law forbids a "forward pistol grip", but there is no extra definition for a "forward" pistol grip. Pistol grips do not have "thumbholes" in them so not sure how that is a factor. Yes, it is advertised as a "grip" but so is the TangoDown Rail Grip, which is just a rail panel that offers a textured and comfortable area to rest your hand on (sound familiar?). Also you can get a "pistol style grasp" around pretty much anything you place on a rail panel - a flashlight mount, a scope ring, a bipod leg. It's clearly not a "pistol grip" in my opinion, however.

I guess the debate will continue, but I think the fact that it is designed to rest only your fingers on it, with your thumb up on the handguard also helps in clarifying it as a NON-pistol grip - same as a MonsterMan grip in my opinion.

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