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Originally Posted by masameet View Post
S&W 686 (with maybe a 5" or longer barrel).
Yep, great gun.

I own a 6" version..... .38 rounds pop out very softly to the shooter. And even .357 magnum rounds are nice to shoot out of that big ole block of glorious stainless steel ;-)

With a 6" barrel, I am (by far) more accurate with that gun that anything else I have.

But at around 2.5 pounds (38-43 ounces) and 9"-12" stem to stern (depending upon barrel length), it is a big rascal.

I would suggest a S&W J-Frame (such as the model 60LS mentioned above) in .38 or a Ruger LCR.

Both are great revolvers. Very respectable defense rounds, very reliable and very easy to operate and to maintain. And if she goes CCW both are very concealable.



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