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Originally Posted by thomashoward View Post
I taught both my son and daughter to shoot at an early age, but my wife has no interest. On the plus side she doesn't try to keep me from engaging in the sport.
She did shoot the Mark II for the first time when we were hunting
My mom refuses to "let" my "dad" have a gun. lol, She gives him the look of death any time he mentions an interest in firearms. It's pretty pathetic to see a 300 pound "man" being controlled by a 100 pound woman's glare.
Originally Posted by ChrisTKHarris View Post
I'm not a big fan of VAG.
Originally Posted by M. Sage View Post
Testicles of steel, bladder of titanium.
Originally Posted by bruceflinch View Post
F the World Bank
F the UN &
F Obama

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