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Text flow chart.

CA State and Federal laws only - local laws omitted.

Requires lock due to Federal law, 18 USC 922 (z), combined with the incompetence of BATF
Lock must be CA-approved - PC 12088.1(a)
Lock may be included in handgun box as part of purchase

Lock may be supplied by buyer, if it is accompanied by a receipt showing purchase within the prior 30 days before delivery of the handgun - PC 12088.1(e)(1)
Lock must be separately documented by FFL seller - PC 12088.1(e)(4 and 5)
Long gun:
Some safety device required - PC 12088.1(a)
may be a lock, as handgun - see above
may be a gun safe - PC 12088.1(d)
if safe, requires original receipt OR safe affidavit
Edited: re-indented to make clearer - I hope!
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