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Great sticky. 2 quick adds:

1) I sent my FFL to Wideners and I *think* they give a discount (but I am only 80% sure on that.

2) As to Classic Arms, after buying 5 rifles from them in the last 24 months I have to agree with your frustration about getting them on the phone but disagree with your assessment of them. They are top notch folks. Sure, they are hard to get on the phone but they are a bunch of really decent people trying to sell guns in, what for them is an unfamiliar medium (i.e. the Internet). That doesn't excuse it but when I can get them on the phone, esp. the owner who often answers the call I get helpful advice, top notch service and he's a really nice guy to boot. Some of his jokes, while corny, are hysterical. Esp. the one about the duck & the grapes

I did have a CS issue with them on one of the rifles I bought and they more then took care of me. The prices are almost always good to great, what I get is always in better then promised condition and they have earned my trust. For what it's worth... that is my experience.

Thx again for the sticky.
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