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Originally Posted by Trendkill View Post
When my wife and I are shooting...I fear all the ammo that will be consumed by my wife. Its pricey......

She loves the thats why she got one.
Hahah, that's funny. My gf is Thai (like the OP's), and I actually started her off on handguns because I thought that she'd like that better. She'll shoot my 9mm and .45 but she doesn't really enjoy it too much. It turns out she likes rifles better... she's shot my Savage .308, AK, and AR and she liked the AR so much that she had me build her one for Xmas (oh she already bought a 10/22 too). What got her hooked on shooting was my 10/22, and now she always wants to come with me shooting regardless of what we're shooting. Gonna have her shoot a .50 cal over Xmas weekend lol...

You can see the brass in the air as she's plinking away on her 10/22 here, we tacti-cooled it out just like she wanted...

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