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Originally Posted by JF99 View Post
Randall and Joe,

Thanks for your excellent write-ups of your XL650 brass processing systems. I've set up a .223 processing toolhead following your examples (RCBS lube die, Dillon sizer/trimmer, Dillon powder die) and I'm wondering what kind of consistency as to headspace and OAL is reasonable to expect.

My first batches weren't very consistent at all, so I installed the Uniquetek toolhead clamp kit ( and a thrust bearing/washers under the shellplate bolt. Still getting iffy results though.

What sort of consistency do you get, and are there any tips/tricks to improve it?

Thanks again,

Do you have two dies in the toolhead across from the dillon trimmer?
These two dies should be set down hard against the shellplate WITHOUT a case in the shellplate.
THEN adjust the trim die to proper headspace.
The two dies support the shellplate platform from flexing during sizing.
This will make the headspace length more consistent.

I would expect them all to be within about 0.003".
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