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thanks guys. i hope this guide kinda helps 1) 9mm builders and 2) those who want to paint their AR's the easy way. (via spray paint)

Originally Posted by WokMaster1 View Post
Very nice. how did you do the Aimpoint? Did you use tape to cover the glass? Did you spray with the ejection cover opened or close?
i left the rubber caps on and just sprayed them on the aimpoint. the front one was left in position as is. since i can't access the rear one with the lmt rear sight in place, i already knew i wasn't going to use it when everything was all said and done. so i backed the rear one so that it was barely holding on to about 1/8" of the eye piece and sprayed it that way. that way you get as much paint on the exposed areas as you can but still use the rubber cap as your mask.

i painted it with the ejection cover closed. when flipped open, it is still black on the inside. i don't like having the inside painted because i don't want possibility of spray paint flakes falling into the BCG.
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