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ok, now that that was done, i was itching to do something else. then, i remembered a thread that Outlawdon posted about's user theJanitor's paint job. i love that paint job, so i decided to try it out myself.

here is the original thread that he posted (thanks posting it Outlawdon and special thanks for sharing your paint job, theJanitor!):
Great looking camo job...

...and here is the paint job i'm trying to copy:

in the original thread, theJanitor mentions that he used a base of Green and Brown and sprayed it over with Tan. i noticed that there is a slight tinge of red in there too. i figured that this red is some kind of rust color, so i went to home depot and found some rust-oleum rust colored primer to add to the mix. i used the following spray paints:
- Brownell's Aluma-Hyde II Earth Brown ($10)
- Brownell's Aluma-Hyde II OD ($10)
- Brownell's Aluma-Hyde II Matte Clear ($10)
- Rust-Oleum Camouflage Khaki ($5)
- Rust-Oleum Rust Colored Primer ($4)
a quick word about paints. I'm using the Brownell's paint because I already have a stash of it. I've been using Aluma-Hyde II for a while now and have realized that yes while it is a very durable paint (it is epoxy based) that it is expensive and a pain to get since it is only available at Brownells which means 7 day UPS ground shipping to us Californians - and again, it is expensive. for one of my previous paint jobs, I tried using Rust-Oleum flat paints and those actually worked out just as well. BUT the only way you can really keep that kind of paint on your rifle is to go over it with a clear coat after your done painting. for that I still choose to use Aluma-Hyde II, luckily the two paints interact very well with each other.

theJanitor looks like he had a net as a mask as well. i went to big 5 and bought one of those fishing nets, removed it from the frame, and cut it so it was a flat-ish sheet of netting. i don't think the net was thick enough but it was all i could find. you can use whatever though. i've used paper, cardboard, some people use leaves.

i first did a practice spray on a cardboard box. i did a base layer of mixed brown, OD, and rust, then layed the net on top and mist khaki on top of it all. the look came out similar to what i was looking to get but mine was a bit muddier and darker. i think the khaki i have isn't as light as the original picture i was copying but i was fine with it anyway.

i took off the essentials but pretty much left the whole thing intact. i wiped it all down with an old clean t-shirt and acetone. here are all the parts i sprayed separately:

here it is, i didn't get carried away or anything. just mixed it up a bit.

after that was dry-ish, i went for the top layer. first overlay the net: (it looks loose in the pic, but you have to wrap it tight so that the overspray doesn't get underneath the net)

then spray, be careful not to soak it otherwise it will drip and you'll lose the net mask:

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