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Originally Posted by Bhobbs View Post
My dad was pulled over a while back for a burned out tail light and he denied the search. They then proceeded to remove him from the car and search it for 2 hours finding nothing. He filed a report but nothing came from it.
This is a common sad state of affairs in reality. While LE often gets certain criminals this way, they also burn normal legal people all the time with nonsense like that of trumped up PC to search. Then comes the "you had nothing to worry about then, you weren't doing anything illegal", or the classic "you shouldn't be around here", but your civil liberties bruised up a bit, and an ever slowly increasing police powers over it.

It will always be the classic challenge, LE doing a frustrating job, citizens wanting to "crack" down at any cost, and the same citizens being handled badly by new tactics and bends of the law to get the job done.
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