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Default Go for fit first.

Find a gun that fits her hand first.

Problem with many autos is that they are double stacked magazines which makes them fat. Find one with a single stack.

Consider starting her with a 22 cal first. This way she can go thru 3 to 5 thousand rounds to develop good shooting habits.

It is easy to shoot 2 to 300 rounds without breaking the wallet with a 22 cal.

Once she is comfortable with a 22, then you can get her a defense gun. Personally I wouldn't go with anything smaller than a 9mm.

There are pros and cons between the 40 and the 45, my personal preference is a 45, but that is me.

Revolvers are simple, just grab and go. The problem I see with revolvers is double action trigger pulls are extremely heavy and in panic situations, they lead to extreme jerking of guns which means missing targets at close range.

I can put 8 rounds into a target in under 3 seconds accurately with my 45.

For home defense I keep 10 round mags, don't care if they stick out of bottomof gun, so I have 11 rounds versus 6.

I would be lucky to get 6 rounds fired with a double action revolver in 3 seconds accurately.

Granted, some revolver shooters are really fast, especially the Cowboy action shooters, but that is not most people.

Hope this helps

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