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Hi, Rogue, and everyone,

We had a bit slower event than usual last Saturday, to be sure.

Several of the regular participants couldn't make it for various reasons (not feeling well, having to work or do family-related things, problems with their transportation, etc.......that, and it was a cold, rainy, 'icky' sort of day aqui in the barrio de Sanjo....'good day to just stay home' sort of day)

There were 15 participants, all told, tho, and quite a bit of shooting going on in the early afternoon. The people seemed happy with the earlier starting time now (1400). Giles did quite well instructing/coaching some newbies, a couple of whom had never done any shooting before.

A number of the participants just did a bit of plinking, had some pizza, and left early.

Blossy did quite well with the old target 22, and had a good time with the shotguns. I burned a bit of 22 plinking at the tennis balls myself, and......well, I think I need a seeing-eye dog or something. The tennis balls all died, it just took a few more rounds than should have been, thats all....... : )

Two of the new participants donated some 22, so we've enough to keep going for another month or two...... : )

We didn't do a pie shoot this time, as no one brought a pie....... : (

One of the participants brought pizza, tho, and we had coffee/pastries for all.

Elaine had our Israeli military field radio set up, with an improvised long-wire antenna, and was doing a bit of 'field expedient commo' show-and-tell.

I expect the next few months will be relatively 'low-key', now that we're in the cold rainy season......but we'll keep going..... : )


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