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Originally Posted by kf6tac View Post
This is true. At the very least, they'll remind you to STFU until they or someone you know can track down an attorney for you.
And this we're quite happy to do. Also, even if you have color to your arrest, we'd like to know about it so we can make sure the firearms parts of your defense are done right and don't create bad law for the rest of gun owners.

We'll help most anyone (I'm sure there are some rare and infamous crimes we wouldn't touch) get the firearms part of their defense right. What we can't guarantee is that we'd pay for the costs of the defense beyond making available "the right people" to help your attorney out.

If there is no color, no shots fired, gun was legal and what you were up to generally doesn't have moral turpitude - we'll generally pick up the tab too. As an example - speeding ticket - no problem. Controlled substances, actually selling firearms without a license beyond the exemptions are examples of likely problems for us to fully back. Until Incorporation - most UOC is a problem for us to fully back.

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