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Sac black rifle had tried to do a clean up and had to shut it down while people were shooting to acomplish the task. With everyone helping it took 30 min. Was a great time but everybody that was shooting did not help. I dont know why. If you shoot at spenceville and enjoy it then see 80% of the people there cleaning up would'nt you go help too? Nope! didnt happen. thats why it is getting shut down! Ive heard its not my mess, im not cleaning up after anyone, someone else will do it. Well go find another place to shoot now. All the people that said that ruined it for everyone. Spenceville needs a cleanup every week on a certain day so that everyone knows that the range will be closed and everone can plan to participate. Never happened and we will loss a range. Im sure its not the last. Thats sad to say!
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