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Originally Posted by wash View Post
I do believe there should be prohibitions for certain felonies regardless of the circumstances of the case.

For example, bank robbery. I don't think it should matter if a person holds the place up with a gun or if the person just grabs a sack of nickels while the armored car driver isn't looking.

Every one knows that robbing a bank is illegal and anyone dumb enough to try it should suffer the consequences.

DV is a whole other ball of wax because misdemeanors trigger a prohibition and there is bias in the enforcement (how many females are charged with DV and how many males charged with DV were just defending themselves?).
Grabbing the nickels while the armored car driver isn't looking probably is not a robbery which involves taking property by means of force or fear so much as it is a simple theft.

Society condemns robbery over simple theft because because it is more dangerous and scary.
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