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Originally Posted by wash View Post
I do believe there should be prohibitions for certain felonies regardless of the circumstances of the case.

For example, bank robbery. I don't think it should matter if a person holds the place up with a gun or if the person just grabs a sack of nickels while the armored car driver isn't looking.

Every one knows that robbing a bank is illegal and anyone dumb enough to try it should suffer the consequences.

DV is a whole other ball of wax because misdemeanors trigger a prohibition and there is bias in the enforcement (how many females are charged with DV and how many males charged with DV were just defending themselves?).
I strongly disagree.

A person that robs a bank with a note is not the same as someone that uses a gun.

But the real issue I have is that the only reason someone should be deprived the right to keep and bear is if the person is more than likely a danger to themselves or others with a firearm.
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