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Originally Posted by wash View Post
In general I agree with you but this isn't a perfect world and we can't just imprison people until they are ready to responsibly exercise their rights.

I see firearm prohibition as a punishment just like their jail sentence.

There should definitely be a process available for truly rehabilitated felons to restore their rights and possibly certain felonies that don't carry the punishment at all but I do think there will always be prohibited people.
But what's the point of releasing such a person back into society? If they can't be trusted to properly exercise their 2A rights, then they can't be trusted to refrain from obtaining a gun and using it illegally. And the same is true not of just a firearm, but of any deadly weapon.

Someone who isn't fit to exercise his 2A rights is, simply, too dangerous to be released back into society. I don't see how it could be any other way.

So are you proposing that such people be released back into society anyway? In a way, that is what we have now.

I'm not saying that a system like what I've got in mind is likely to happen, but if it is to happen then the first step towards that is getting people to recognize the folly of the current system. What we have right now is, in my opinion, both an affront to the Constitution and riskier than it should be, all at the same time.
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