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I know of some one who just lost a motion to vacate for being lied to by his attorney about the repercussions on his scone amendment rights, both state and federal. He has a signed letter from his attorney dated after e plea
was entered stating how it "occurred" to her that he plea she entered with out him in court would destroy his gun rights. He was 19 and in he ARMY reserve. Lautenberg has to go. If it is allowed to stand his is how more rights will be chipped away.

Does anyone know of a gun rights or hell, ECM ACLU type orginzation that would assist on the appeal?

Originally Posted by MP301 View Post
I would like to see the whole domestic misdemeanor prohibition get slapped down at some point. I know too many people who got screwed for life over this..some retroactively! Many were not even told that they would be screwed for life, they were told the 10 year Ca prohibition.

Heres what the BATFE says about the constitution problem of this law....

4. Is this provision of the law being applied retroactively in violation of constitutional rights?
No. This provision is not being applied retroactively or in violation of the ex post facto clause of the Constitution. This is because the law does not impose additional punishment upon persons convicted prior to the effective date, but merely regulates the future possession of firearms on or after the effective date. The provision is not retroactive merely because the person's conviction occurred prior to the effective date.

5. What is the penalty for violating this offense?
Any individual who knowingly violates this provision of the law is subject to a fine of $250,000, imprisonment of up to 10 years, or both.

Lutenburg is an idiot.....
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