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Originally Posted by wash View Post
There are a lot of problems with what I'm about to write but:

No one has ever been killed with a ballot.
Not true in the least. The ballot has been responsible for the death of tons of people; the sorts of atrocities that governments or majorities have committed under the guise of democracy ae quite terrible to say the least, although it is the natural conclusion of democracy (if Plato were alive today he'd have many opportunities to tell people, "I told you so.").

Personally, I only think certain types of felonies should result in loss of firearms rights as a part of the sentence, and it should never be done for any sort of misdemeanor or infraction; for things like parole or probation I would say the same if the crime was not such where loss of firearms rights could become a part of the sentence. I also think that the really serious (especially violent) felonies should result in harsher treatment, with a more liberal use of the death penalty (armed robbers, rapists, some arsonists, etc. used to get it in the States for their crimes) and long-term sentences; the term felony should really be limited to things that are quite serious in nature, as was originally the case. Something like being in unlawful possession of a machine gun (which shouldn't be a crime at all) should be more of a misdemeanor.
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