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Originally Posted by hoffmang View Post
Two seperate issues. If you are actually violent in a "domestic violence" situation, I think you're likely to lose your gun rights. However, up and until you've been ruled actually violent, your gun rights are real. If you weren't actually violent - but were otherwise confrontational and even minorly assaultive - you may be able to keep your gun rights.

It sounds like there needs to be another category or term for nonviolent domestic disruption. Domestic violence is a pretty ugly label to get slapped with if it isn't in fact violence. Even if you get to keep your guns for the moment being I can't see many employers looking too kindly upon such a mark on a person's record. People get turned away from jobs these days for far less than that.
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Originally Posted by indiandave View Post
In Pennsylvania Your permit to carry concealed is called a License to carry fire arms. Other states call it a CCW. In New Jersey it's called a crime.
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