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Originally Posted by MP301 View Post
I used to be against Felons legally having guns for any reason. But I have softened on this a bit. I guess it would depend on what the felony(s) were for....predatory Felons have nothing coming anyway....
As the 2A is written there is no justification to deny felons guns. I don't think the founding fathers intended it that way. I think the founding fathers intended anybody too dangerous to own a gun to be executed or imprisoned. The fact that tying your shoelace the wrong way is a federal felony (yes I'm serious - a shoelace is a machine gun under per the ATF) is a prime reason the 2A doesn't say except for people labeled "felon" by the government.

I do find it interesting that it is the same mental group that thinks felons should roam the streets, felons shouldn't have guns, and just to make sure felons don't get guns, the rest of society shouldn't have guns either.
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