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Originally Posted by MP301 View Post
I used to be against Felons legally having guns for any reason. But I have softened on this a bit. I guess it would depend on what the felony(s) were for....predatory Felons have nothing coming anyway....
I'm of the opinion that if, after serving their time and being released, someone isn't considered fit to exercise the entire set of rights they have, then society has no business releasing them.

If they don't have a right to firearms, why would you trust them with any sort of weapon? You wouldn't. But the fact that you're releasing them means that you're trusting them to not avail themselves of a weapon. If you can't trust them to properly handle a weapon once they've acquired it, why would you trust them to not attempt to acquire one? You wouldn't, right?

Taking that line of reasoning to its logical conclusion, it follows that if you don't trust someone to exercise all the rights that all members of society are supposed to have, then you shouldn't release them back into society at all.
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