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Default Spenceville range to be closed

Was there shooting solo today. Sheriff comes by. (He was a very cool cop by the way). And he was only casually informing us with this bit of information but he informed myself (as well as another group of people whom were there shooting) that the range is to be shut down. And soon.

Easy guess why; PRIMARILY due to the always-present garbage and general abuse of the range.

He also pointed out to us that the concrete benches that are out there had been used for target practice recently.

And I don't think any of us were aware it until he had pointed it out but;

One of the benches toward the south end of the range had two chunks missing from it. The gouges appeared to be from glancing strikes.

Apparently someone stood in the parking area and had plinked at the bench from there.

Also, there was the issue of the missing garbage cans. He told us that BLM had placed some cans out there only to find them gone the following day.--I think the Sheriff had said it was BLM that put out the cans.--Not sure.

I have not called BLM to check for myself on whether the range is in fact to be closed, for whatever good that would do.

But this is information we had received from the Sheriff and I would guess that his word is as good as anything.

So yeah the range is apparently scheduled to be shut down due to the same-same unsavory behavior commonly found at public shooting ranges.

If true, well...... That sucks.

Oh and one more thing he said he was aware of calguns coming out and doing clean ups. I told him that I had been there with a group back in Aug. I didn't bother to add anything else.

I wonder if the Sheriff is a member here?
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