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Originally Posted by AM9000 View Post

These work really good. The ones i found in a PC parts drawer were exactly 4 5/8" - By the way... these are computer case slot holders. If you have a desktop PC you probably have 10 or so of these in the back of your computer.

All I had to do was elongate the notch on the small 90deg bent portion of the slot holder to make it fit around the spring attachment hole on the follower. Once that elongated "fork" is placed around the spring hole, insert the spring and presto! you have attached the blocking device... (will add photo)...

As a bonus, the shape of downward facing end is angled in such a way that it prevents it from interfering with the spring.
Anyway, seems to have worked well for me. For permanence you have the usual options...
Has anyone else tried this method? How effective was it? Thanks in advance for your responses!

Edit: To elongate the notch, was that easy to Dremel out?

Edit 2: Tried this for an hour today and all I've got to show for it is a massive headache. AM9000 can you please post more pics of the slot cover/bracket, how much you dremeled out and at which points and if at all possible steps you took to get it under the spring? Here's a shot of my bracket piece and for the life of me I can't get the spring to go over it, or slide it under the spring (I tried both ways)

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