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yea, ive batted the idea around and i actually know someone that has a vacation house in a small town, is friends with the sherriff and is a reserve sherriff of that town and carrys under LEO credentials, its pretty much the same thing carona did without the blatant bribes..

and for the LEO's that take offense at this, if its legal, you have to deal with it, if we bought one of these little 1 million dollar towns, for sale in northern california, incorporated, and built a police force made of 15,000 cal guns volunteers for a town with only 10 people, then so be it.

my idea would be, if someone applied for a CCW permit, was turned down, then was raped, or they had a family member shot during a mugging, wouldnt that be cause for ae lawsuits against the LEO that turned them down?
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