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I posted this as a reply in another thread...but I get enough questions about it that I thought I'd post it here, although I'm not sure it belongs here!!!

Originally Posted by nn3453 View Post
Paypal charges $3% + 30 cents.
I don't like PP's anti-gun stance any more than the next guy, hopefully GunPal will get off the ground and become accepted everywhere.

The great thing is, there is no reason to pay PP ANY fees!

It KILLS ME when I see listings on CG "PP + 3%" or "PP + 4%" or something...we're giving PP 3% to 4% of each transaction for NO REASON!!! STOP THE MADNESS!!!


Here's how:

When you click on the "Send Money" tab:

there are 2 choices for you..."Purchase" or "Personal":

Select "Personal", then "Payment Owed", then "Continue":

Notice in my example below that "Your fee" is $0.00, the "Total charge" is $20.00 and the recipient is getting the whole $20.00...NO FEES!!!


The catch is that it's fee-free only if the money comes from the buyers PP balance or straight out of their linked Bank Account.

If the Buyer uses a CC to fund the Personal Transfer, then PP charges 2.9% + $0.30...but the Buyer can take the hit, not the seller:

The default selection if the Buyer uses a CC is for the Buyer to take the fee, not the Seller.

I've been sending and receiving payments using the "Personal" option without incurring fees and it's a great way to "stick it to the man"!!!

Not sure if this warrants a "Sticky" since they're trying to get GunPal off the ground, but I would love to get the word out to CG so we can stop giving PP money! MODS, if you think this warrants being "stuck" please have at it!

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