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I put in the poll $500 because that is what I know that I would without any hesitation or thought drop on this. Depending on details, I could pay 1k or more but I would rather not. Basically, what I guess I am saying is that if this works I am in regardless up to $500 or $600 and beyond that, I still want to be kept in the loop because I would give it consideration.

Would this also exempt us from handgun roster requirements and maybe even “hi-cap” restrictions? That would make it worth even more.

All of this being said, I hate the fact that LEO’s get special treatment. It is like one that I know of that carries a switch blade. When asked “isn’t that illegal” his reply was “yeah, but no one cares because I am a cop”. I have never had any run ins with LEO’s other than getting pulled over once and let off with a warning and having one CHP officer start to search my truck when I pulled over to pull him out of a ditch. I have several friends that are good guys and LEO’s, but I kind of have a low level of respect for them as a whole. Despite all of that, if this would help me be able to exercise my rights, then I am game.
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