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Originally Posted by AJAX22 View Post
LEA's have cops that have not gone through the academy all the time... remember there is a broad interpenetration of what constitutes a LEO for the purpose of HR218.

Which is specifically why HR218 is written the way it is.... there are a number of places where you are a cop if they say you are a cop... there are a number of places where you are considered a LEO even if you are just the equivalent of a process server.

Let me state this again.

There are states in the U.S. which have ZERO requirements for training, and ZERO requirements for applicants.

There are some instances where individuals can be legally considered LEO's even if they are convicted felons... which is WHY HR218 contains wording which prohibits felons and prohibited persons from carrying weapons even if they have law enforcement credentials.

Buying CCW's as a reward for campaign contributions is a no-no.... however if a municipality wanted to charge a 1k application fee to apply for a job as an auxiliary reserve constable which went directly into the city's coffers and was not a 'private' donation there would be no problem with it.

We need to remember that we in CA have different standards of what constitutes a LEO... we have post certification and state wide standards of acceptance, as well as other criteria... which simply do not apply uniformly across the U.S.

There are still places where you get to be a deputy simply by applying for the job... which makes you a LEO... which allows you to carry a concealed weapon anywhere in the USA.

The $$$$ incentive for the local municipality simply makes it a viable proposition for a cash strapped city council.

there is one state in particular which has a specific exemption in the penal code which allows for municipalities to appoint a special class of Law enforcement officers who are considered independent contractors and for whom the state/municipality assumes no liability for their actions... they also have limited jurisdiction and are paid only nominal sums.... BUT they legally qualify as LEO's... and there IS precedent to back it up with regard to HR218.

Lets assume for a minute that everything I'm suggesting is on the up and up... and this is simply a case of you pay your 'application fee' you pass a background check and you get issued credentials...

How much is it worth to you?
I'd gladly pay $500 to be able to CCW legally. That's a very small price to pay for the added safety and security it would afford me and my family.

I'm disgusted by all the nae-sayers on this topic. Ajax22 is thinking outside the box here, he's trying to help us ALL. Just as the trailblazers of the OLL movement thought outside the box. Those trailblazers studied the law as it was written, applied it studiously, and WE have all benefitted. Just think where we'd be now if those trailblazers had listened to all their nae-sayers.... Ajax22 is not advocating that we all get credentials and go around arresting people, pretending to be cops. He's just saying...... You get credentialled, carry concealled, that's it!

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