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Originally Posted by USAFTS View Post
It's interesting to me the different amounts that people have posted. Some think $300 - $500 would be worth saving up to secure an actual LE credential, affording them a National CCW. Others would pay much more.

I spent $600 for a regular, highly restricted, single-weapon, two year CCW...and was denied. As a resident of the Peoples Republic of Kalifornia, I hoped against hope...but completely expected the decision. I decided to make the sacrifice as part of my ongoing battle for 2A.

If there was a LEGAL, solid, honest, LASTING way to secure a National CCW...I would pay far more than $600.00. Sadly this is just a fantasy unless / or until SHALL ISSUE is achieved. Even then, it would not be nationally recognized.
That's the thing: value is relative, often to where your butt is parked. I'm sitting in a state where I can get a CCW by taking a joke of a "class" and then sending in the right paperwork. That CCW is honored by the majority of States, and honored by every state I can imagine visiting in the forseeable future. Heck, the reason I don't have a CCW yet is partly because I hardly need one - I can carry without a license while traveling and while in my own vehicle (traveling or just going to the gas station) and carry of long guns isn't restricted like it is with handguns...

So no, you won't catch me paying as much as someone living in NY or CA would be willing to. It would be nice for me to get it, but I wouldn't break the bank getting it done since the cost/benefit would skew too far to the "cost" side.
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