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Originally Posted by Dick Thomas View Post
As I recall from my reading of HR218, to be CCW qualified nation-wide as a retired LEO requires one to have served on active duty for a minimun of 15 years, anything less will not qualify under HR 218. Also, this is a really stupid idea, and as a 35 plus year local LEO retiree, I resent the idea of people "gaming" the system just to be able to carry a gun concealed.

I resent the fact, that we the people are forced to have to think about how to "game" the system to be able to exercise a right granted to all of us by our constitution.

Last time I checked it didn't read you have the right to keep and bare arms, but if you want to carry that arm concealed you have to obtain a permit to do it.

What we need to do, is get all of the unconstitutional laws repealed, staring with the crappy NFA laws!!
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