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I absolutely hate people who tell you what cannot be done, they slow down the people who are actually getting things done, generally. I come from entrepreneurship as a career and everyone always wants to tell you why your idea is stupid/crazy/whatever. Oh and then when it works (and you make a lot of money) they tell you how they were actually helping. Forget all the people who tell you how it cannot be done and let's do it. Nay sayers are generally people clinging to some small sliver of thought that they are in fact special and important well beyond the general population.

I do think many of you are not thinking the economics of this entirely through ... you have states such as Illinois (of which I am a co-resident) that has NO CCW permitting. So beyond our little sliver of CA there are far more restrictive states not to mention the problems found in other states previously mentioned like TX. We are talking about a NATIONALLY recognized permit, that makes even the best CCW look like a child's toy. I think there is a TON more money here than any one has calculated.

I would want some guarantees beyond that of the mayor's office though. A lawyer would need to work this out and I am betting there would be enough money to "adopt" a number of towns nationwide. If this could be buttoned up tight by a decent legal team, this would be fun times even if it didn't stand very long.

I know they are considered looney but has anyone looked into asking the Oath Keepers about this? Many of them as I recall are law enforcement and probably would help in pointing us in a helpful direction.

I cannot wait to see if this has legs beyond a discussion on this board, its a wonderful idea on so many levels.

Oh and for those of you rambling on about Mike Carona ... #1 he was not found guilty on any charge involving CCW's, a man is innocent until proven guilty and he was clearly not proven guilty on any of those related charges, he was proven guilty on a charge in no way related to CCW's. #2 he was a sheriff, people here are talking about going a level or two above that station to the actual creators of the local laws not the enforcers of them, huge difference #3 these would be legally sanctioned LEO's not under the table dealings, it would be created under colour of law and would be done openly, that is the beauty of the plan.
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