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Originally Posted by M. Sage View Post
I was thinking about this. Even with the easy availability of CHL here in Texas, there are many places you can't carry - "51%" establishments (that percent of gross receipts is from sale of on-premise alcohol), schools, hospitals (WTF!?)... unless you're a LEO.

I'm not sure if it's all LEO or if I'd have to qualify as a Texas Peace Officer. But if it would get rid of those restrictions (and others), I'd be happy to save up $300-$500 to do it.
It's interesting to me the different amounts that people have posted. Some think $300 - $500 would be worth saving up to secure an actual LE credential, affording them a National CCW. Others would pay much more.

I spent $600 for a regular, highly restricted, single-weapon, two year CCW...and was denied. As a resident of the Peoples Republic of Kalifornia, I hoped against hope...but completely expected the decision. I decided to make the sacrifice as part of my ongoing battle for 2A.

If there was a LEGAL, solid, honest, LASTING way to secure a National CCW...I would pay far more than $600.00. Sadly this is just a fantasy unless / or until SHALL ISSUE is achieved. Even then, it would not be nationally recognized.
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Meg won. Life sucks. Elections have consequences.
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