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Originally Posted by a1c View Post
You have got to be very naive not to realize that this scheme would be very quickly defeated.

You are trying to use a provision in existing laws. As soon as legislators or the media get wind of this little project and the first badges or IDs are issued, you can bet that it won't take long for legislation to be drafted to make sure that those LEOs on "administrative leave" (or whatever statute you give them) don't get to carry in CA.

Instead of spending hundreds or thousands towards that project (which I doubt will ever see the light of day), why don't you donate just 50% of that money to the CGF or other organizations that defend and represent our rights in the state?
After reading the thread, I think that a1c is correct. As all loopholes, this one will be closed with speed proportional to the number of people who take advantage of it.
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