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Originally Posted by Californio View Post
How do you plan to vet 10,000 persons that pony up $1,000.00, even established departments that vet officers get bad seeds, how do you plan to address the liability issues and what chain of command will be in place to monitor the activities of these 10,000 person spread out across many States.

It seems the legal liability and inability to monitor the conduct of 10,000 individuals would doom any plan of this scale.
Hire as contractors for a short period such as 32 days. The contract stipulates that the 1st month is a probationary period where the contractor can't engage in any LE activities.

At about the 2 week point, the city places the new contractor on unpaid administrative leave of absence andas such he/she has no arrest or other LE authority. The original 32 day contract contains a clause whereby the contract is automatically extended even when on unpaid administrative leave of absence. The leave can only be ended upon signed approval of the city officials.

Departments separate themselves from employees all the time using the unpaid administrative leave of absence. It doesn't mean that the employee gives up their badge and gun necessarily. Correct me if I am wrong, but are cities liable for what officers do while on unpaid administrative leave of absence?

As long as the original contract is worded correctly, I see no particular legal liability on the city's part; but then again I am no lawyer.
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