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Originally Posted by Dr. Peter Venkman View Post
Oh, okay then. LE and the military don't need training, just mere designation of ranks and titles

Never said that made it OK.

And we want to follow in his footsteps why again? To give us 2nd Amendment rights by pretending to be cops?
Legally no, LE and military do not need training.... designations of a special class of citizenry with special priviliges is typically not dependent upon training... thats just the line they feed you.

Kind of like how the 'supremem commander of the armed forces' doesn't require any training/military background what so ever...

Kind of like how the LA police chief wasn't post certified for a very very long time...

I don't care if I have to 'pretend' an albino Eskimo with a speech impediment to get my damn 2A rights back... if wearing mucklucks and lisping while wearing makeup gets me the ability to protect my family then I'll be a muckluck wearing, ssss slurring fool in white face.

this is not about 'playing cop' this is about getting 2A rights back,.

if you've got a better idea of how me and my family will get the legal ability to carry a pistol for personal protection while living in NYC (in a time frame which keeps us alive... remember justice delayed is justice denied)... lets have it....

If not... well... I can tell you I'm going to get mine... others are welcome to join me once the details get sorted.
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