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Originally Posted by Fire in the Hole View Post
It's a silly question to even propose. How about I'd pay XX$$ for a medical doctor degree and license, so that I can practice brain surgery.
Because you don't become a LEO by virtue of training and a degree. You become a LEO by virtue of, while being an ordinary citizen, being designated to fight crime and uphold peace, and as such granted the relevant powers. It's up to whomever grants you those powers to demand training if you're given the job.

Just like it's up to the Board to demand training and certain credentials before issuing you the license to practice medicine.

Another example: when you're designated a soldier, someone whose job is to defend this country and its Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic, you don't become one by the virtue of your training and graduation from Basic. You become one because you were selected, or you volunteered, to perform this specific duty of a citizen. Training is provided to make you more effective at that.
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Some people are so open minded, their brains have fallen out.

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