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Originally Posted by ricochet View Post
Be aware that giving you "a chance to work it out" is turning the majority of your customers (98% or more) into felons.

If you're as responsible as you want us to believe you are, you would, without hesitation or need of suggestion, shutdown reckless sales of this product immediately and "work it out" without turning a bunch of law abiding and otherwise responsible people into felons without their knowledge. Fine print is not responsible, forthright and straightforward presentation of factual information is.

Demonstrating your product in California on a rifle with features (like an AR with a pistol grip) would also be a way of making as believe that you "honestly" believe your product is legal to use (talk is cheap). If you can't do that because it is in conflict with you "warning" then how do California residents with bullet button mags and rifles with features use the product for the several second period that's required to change out a magazine ?

There's your chance ...

Exactly! What good is ANY product like this if it cannot legally remain attatched to the rifle's mag release? You might as well install the standard release, equally illegal it would seem.

I use a .223 round with no primer and no powder in it on a retractable key chain that I clip to my jacket or shirt.

This is a B.S. product, represented as a legal alternative to using a tool to activate the bullet button.