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Combating crime is every citizen's responsibility. However, at some point, just like all of us don't make shoes or provide IT services, some citizens were designated to combat crime. Keep in mind that they're still ordinary citizens who happen to have the job of fighting crime.

At some point, we gave these citizens extra powers, immunities, exceptions to the laws imposed upon the citizens not in the profession of fighting crime, etc. Which effectively made these citizens whose job is to combat crime more equal than the rest.

Then we've come up with the myth of one having to be a superhuman and have mythical training standards in order to be allowed to be the citizen whose job it is to fight crime.

However, this myth is BS fed to the citizenry by those interested in having the monopoly for the use of force and the ones who have acquired the Stockholm syndrome. As such, I'm not surprised to see a lot of outrage here over "non-qualified" "ordinary" people being granted LEO status by some "clearly misguided" city. I also have no problem with being granted such status, as it simply recognizes something that should need no recognition, but thanks to the sorry state of civil rights in this country does need it.
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