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Originally Posted by jtippins View Post
Something that needs to be considered: Statutory rights to arrest is a HUGE authority. If a civilian detains another person it can be kidnapping. A great deal of authority is given to police for a reason.
Here in California, an average citizen has nearly the same powers of arrest as a peace officer.

The difference is in knowing when you can place someone under arrest.

As for the poll... I see no moral or ethical issue here. If there was a way I could pay some money to get credentials that would allow me to CCW here and across the nation, you better believe I'll do it.

However... once this comes to light, if people start doing whatever it is, sooner or later they'll start to be arrested. Why not? You'll complain that you're acting legally. Your complaints will come from inside of a jail cell, or after you've paid thousands or tens of thousands to bond out. You will then have the opportunity to retain an attorney and fight an opponent who has unlimited funding and manpower. And if, somehow, you prevail... you won't even get an apology. And if you're ever arrested again, you can do it all over.

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