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Originally Posted by Serpentine View Post
Well, when you start considering the the homeland foreign invasion provisions of the US Constitution 2A, the current and increasing in-country attacks in the news about "the killer is/or was a Muslim," the World Trade Center bombing, the 9/11 attack. EVERY US citizen should be armed either by some sort of national deputizing, coupled with a PC 832 course, background checks, and competency training, and with the "law enforcement" capacities limited to personal and national defense events only.

Can't we work this out with a reasonable 2A addendum with this national approved training course. The anti's might meet us in the middle on this sort of setup?

What do you think?
The legal structures are already in place which allow for this.

We don't have to meet ANYONE in the middle of anything... we can just do it.

And it may surprise you to know that there are a number of states which have no training/competency/qualification provisions for armed LEO status... which is why the HR218 text was drafted to include:

‘‘(c) As used in this section, the term ‘qualified law enforcement
officer’ means an employee of a governmental agency who—
‘‘(1) is authorized by law to engage in or supervise the
prevention, detection, investigation, or prosecution of, or the
incarceration of any person for, any violation of law, and has
statutory powers of arrest;
‘‘(2) is authorized by the agency to carry a firearm;
‘‘(3) is not the subject of any disciplinary action by the
‘‘(4) meets standards, if any, established by the agency
which require the employee to regularly qualify in the use
of a firearm;
H. R. 218—2
‘‘(5) is not under the influence of alcohol or another intoxicating
or hallucinatory drug or substance; and
‘‘(6) is not prohibited by Federal law from receiving a
emphaisis mine

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