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It's an interesting idea, if I properly grok what you are proposing.

I don't see how the whole "but what about the TRAINING, what about EARNING it?" argument follows logically. I base this on the (fairly large, I am told) number of of LE agencies and departments who deputize volunteer officers with minimal training. Sometimes it's no more than "hey I know old Bill's a good guy and can handle a gun". Ditto x 10 for the large number of celebrity deputies out there ... hell, ELVIS PRESLEY, Johnny Cash, Shaq, Lou Ferrigno, Steven Tyler (Aerosmith) anyone? When you consider that this extends to desk-jobs, traffic enforcement, part-time animal control or even mosquito-abatement(!?) positions ... why are we fussing over this?

I see some possible legal gotchas, but I love this out-of-box thinking.

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