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This is an unnecessary piece of crap, and is bound to cause problems.

Guaranteed some noob is going to buy one from a salesman at a gun show who doesn't know s**t either and there will be a felony AW arrest.

We've got the BB, it pisses me off, but I can live with it.

Junk like this gets the DOJ's attention and the next thing you know we'll be riveting our mags in and toploading to avoid being a felon.

Cop magnet indeed.

You go out of state, you put your standard mag release back in and assemble your 30 round mags and rock and roll. It's part of the fun of going to a free state for shooting. Shucking the CA crap off your damn fine rifle.

This is BS, and irresponsible to allow them to be sold the way they were yesterday. And on a demonstrator that didn't qualify as an AW with this thing installed.
Gimme a break. Friggin' felony trap for the uninformed.