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Now here's my problem with the product/sales pitch
I was told by the man running the booth that it was totally legal to have ON your firearm. Not just to use as a tool and immediately remove, and even though I'm new to the whole AR seen, but it doesn't exactly sound legal for what it was being pitched to me for. If you support your product so much you'd think you wouldn't have the monster man grips with a "sorta" locked 10 round mags.

now for the positive reinforcement
If you made a separate (but in package) 2-3 inch metal or even a plastic rod that would attach to the back of it and played off that the magnet is to help align the tool easier It would seem less like the mag catch extension that it is as well as look more like a tool. That way you don't have to redesign your tool and it can still fill the function for your .22 upper or out of state by simply removing the rod.