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Originally Posted by dirtnap View Post
I like the product, it's something I would use on my oll when at home or out of state. It's not up to the seller to make sure every person in CA is an expert on the topic. Include a waiver, and it's a done deal IMO.
I would disagree for product that has this narrow of a usage.

Mag Magnet know exactly what this product is and why you would want to use it. Especially why a buyer would want to use it in California.

A waiver sealed inside a package is not good enough this time around. A prominent sign on the table with a reminder to review it before leaving would be a prudent thing for Mag Magnet to do. I'd be happy to drop by Bill's reply inside a an 8x10 plastic holder for their table tomorrow if Mag Magnet desires.

I wouldn't touch it inside of Kali and would have no use for it outside of California. Except maybe as a fridge magnet. But then I have plenty of old hard drives from which to make fridge magnets.

To Mag Magnet,, thanks for showing up here to discuss your product. Big balls to sell the product and even bigger ones to back it up. Well done for having the guts!

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