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Originally Posted by bwiese View Post
If you really disclose the limitations on this product very few will buy it:
1. it's not legally usable on a CA OLL w/BB maglock & 12276.1PC features
2. someone travelling out of state can uninstall BB & add regular
mag catch (and reverse it before returning to CA);
3. it is maybe useful to those converting btwn rimfire vs centerfire uppers on same lower;
4. it is usable to some with registered Category 3 AWs having BBs installed, so the BB can take gun out of AW status for more relaxed transport requirements.
I think 2 & 3 are really the market that Mag Magnet should be angling for. Market to both groups by pointing out that it's quicker to slap on a little magnetic add-on than it is to uninstall the BB and add a regular mag catch. For all other people, make it abundantly clear on something that is provided EXTERNAL to the sealed package (i.e. something that buyers can read BEFORE buying) that they can't legally use it on their BB-equipped OLLs in-state.

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