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Originally Posted by Mag Magnet View Post
First off, I would like to apologize for any confusion. It has never been our intent to deceive anyone by accident or on purpose.
Well, the actions of your SF show staff - and the actions of staff elsewhere at other shows also reported to me - seems to indicate you are trying to sell as a general use product an item that has only specific, very very limited uses in narrow circumstances.

The fact your dude(s) demo a featureless OLL - which doesn't need a Bullet-Button-affixed mag anyway - speaks worlds.

This is only our second week selling these and we are still
working on the best approach for marketing our product.
OK, I'll write your blurb and save you the effort:
"95% of the time this product will make a CA OLL rifle with
features into an illegal assault weapon in California. The
rest of the time it's not needed because the rifle's mag
status is irrelevant."
The packages are sealed on purpose to ensure that our legal warning is included with every Mag. Magnet sold and will be read by the purchaser. Anyone that is interested, is welcome to read the legal warning before making the choice to purchase. Our Ventura show had an open package with the legal warning on the table. I was not at the San Francisco show and I regret that the legal warning may not have been out in the open for customers to read. I will make sure that it is properly displayed at all future show tables. We do our best to make sure any potential customers are aware of the limitations of the Mag. Magnet.
If you do that, you won't sell any. I interviewed several folks walking away from the booth at the SF Cow Palace show. Most were thinking it was an alternate to the bullet button that allowed manual removal of a magazine.

Some smarter folks, already understanding of CA law, walked away knowing there were problems - and that the device loses any "tool" status when it's hanging on the BulletButton.

Furthermore, even if it's taken on & off in a moment, that's irrelevant: there's no "minimum time restriction" on felony conduct.

the website will have a warning and user agreement that must be agreed to in order to make a purchase.
If you really disclose the limitations on this product very few will buy it:
1. it's not legally usable on a CA OLL w/BB maglock & 12276.1PC features
2. someone travelling out of state can uninstall BB & add regular
mag catch (and reverse it before returning to CA);
3. it is maybe useful to those converting btwn rimfire vs centerfire uppers on same lower;
4. it is usable to some with registered Category 3 AWs having BBs installed, so the BB can take gun out of AW status for more relaxed transport requirements.

Once again we are not trying to make a quick buck at the expense
of others. Some of our largest purchases were made by FFLs.
We are already hearing of FFLs thinking this 'solves' the Bullet Button "problem".

Sales staff training will be even more comprehensive to make sure our employees are not misleading anyone or disseminating false information.
Start from scratch with the dude at the Cow Palace. He failed IQ 101.

Please call us at 619-490-0830 first before blasting us on an online forum so we can try to resolve any issues. I will check PM’s as often as possible as well.
When dozens (or how many other) folks are buying a product that can likely turn them into instant felons for its most direct, obvious application, we Calgunners DO speak up.

I witnessed quite a few folks today that thought they could have manually detachable mag ARs with this device, as long as BB was installed.

Again, this is NOT true. This product can be used ONLY in the ways I've listed it above (and perhaps also as a cat toy).

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