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Originally Posted by Nxd9ar15xcrL View Post
I saw it too. It is a worthless $25 item that is going to get someone in trouble.

They advertise it as being so easy to use. Well... on a featureless AR with a Monster Man Grip, you don't even need a BB. If you get caught with that thing on a Pistol grip, you are screwed.
Correct (rimfires and registered AWs are exceptions, but those are a very small subset of market and the way it's being sold obviously does not worry about or deal with these distinctions).

It's a Scam and that company shouldn't be allowed in the shows.
I have spoken with management. They're very nice people. Somehow, though, they feel they'll get an answer from DOJ which I doubt - or I'd doubt the correctness of one way or another.

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