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Originally Posted by Alaric View Post
What specifically separates this implement from other "tools" used to manipulate a BB?
Any tool a la a 'bullet tip' (specifically mentioned in the law) and that momentarily contacts the maglock latch and is not supported, retained, tied to, or mounted on the gun would be fine. This includes screwdrivers, knife blade tips, little Velcro'd plastic finger pointer tips on your fingertip, etc.

It likely does NOT include a screwdriver hanging from your AR on a string, or a detachable cap on a mag catch that can stay on and be operated with a finger.

Is it the magnetic aspect that "attaches" it to the BB? Too permanent?
As I said, even if were nonmagnetic it could still stay on and be regarded as part of the gun, a "big mag catch button that's loose/not screwed down".

I'd dissuade anyone from using any device that can rest on/by the BulletButton, in some or many particular rifle position(s) and still be used.

A bullet tip or other analogue ("long skinny tippy thing") a la screwdriver, etc. will indeed not be able to "reside" in the hole or be considered offending. A cap that fits over the BB and that can hang out there unsupported by hand and which can activate the mag lock can be regarded as a "non-tool" and part of one of the rifle's subsystems.

Is it the fact that it can somehow stay attached to the BB in spite of the magnetism (due to gravity or friction or whatever)?

Let's say we had something like pill bottle cap or lid with a dimple inside that could rest on the BB (or be taped on it) and activate it. I'd say that use of that kind of device should be avoided.

If so, should anything magnetic (say, a light screwdriver with a magnetic tip) be likewise avoided?
I don't really think any magnetic-tipped screwdriver should be worried about, I don't think they support their own weight and their ability to maintain a positional relaitonship w/rifle & BB opening is marginal. Furthermore, a screwdriver itself has the advantage of being a 'tool'

my concern is that if this implement is being marketed as a "tool" and not an "accessory" then wouldn't it reside in the same territory as muzzle breaks (legal) vs. flash suppressors(illegal), if you get my drift?
Yes and No. Bottom line, you get 'detachable mag' status that triggers AW status with this device.

Muzzle brakes and flash hiders at least have documentation of screwups by DOJ in the Hunt case. While all AW-triggering features should in theory have equal priority, I think MB/FH issues are far more defendable if the person buys a device that is marketed as a MB and looks like one. Furthermore, there's no great test for MB vs FH issues - whereas the test for detachable mag status is pretty easy to understand/observe.

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